Our Connection to History

While Christ Church at Park Presidio is a new church, we recognize that God has been building His Church for 2,000 years beginning with the very first followers of Christ. The clear theme of God’s dealings with his people from Genesis 1 to today is his continued faithfulness in the midst of their failings. We can look back in history and find plenty of heroes and villains, those that served mankind in courageous ways and those that oppressed, those that clearly proclaimed Christ and those that perverted Christ’s message for their own gain. Through it all God has preserved the message of the Gospel. So many faithful churches and faithful people have come before us, and while we are indebted to them all, we are particularly grateful for the leaders of the Reformation. The Reformation stood against the oppression and false teaching of a corrupt church. The Reformers confessed the message of salvation by Christ alone, faith alone, scripture alone, and grace alone. As we seek to confess Christ, we benefit from their clear confessions of faith that they left behind.

Historic creeds we affirm.

Historic confessions we agree with.

Confessional Statement.